Interview // Alexisonfire – December 12th 2004

Guillaume: What’s the question you get asked the most and what is its typical answer ?

Alexisonfire : Is it “Alexis on fire” or “Alex is on fire” ? Where we got our band name from… that’s a popular one. Sometimes we kind of make up answers. Also we get ask why we’re so damn sexy all the time.

G : So the story about the stripper, is it true also ? (see other past Alexisonfire interview)

A : Yeah, it’s really true.

G : What’s the last thing your parents told you before you first went on tour ?

A : Don’t bring any drugs in the USA.
– My dad reminded me to remind Steele and Jesse that fact.
– My dad actually said to watch out bringing drugs in Texas or I could end up in the “clink”.
– Didn’t your dad said something about loose women as well ?
– He always as those kinds of comments.
– We’ve been told, when in the south of the US, to stay away from Mexican women.

G : When doing your set and there’s flashes all over the place, does it get on your nerves ?

A : It gets crazy after a while. At some shows, they put all the photographers upfront for the first two songs and it’s quite crazy for that time. It gets ok after those first songs.

G : The way you talk about it, it doesn’t seem like it’s your decision to put the “3 songs” rule for the photos and stuff ?

A : No, not really.

G : You’re given the opportunity to tour for a while, and you have to bring with you one band from Quebec and one from Ontario, who would it be ?

A : Fift Hour Hero, from Quebec. Raising the fawn or Moneen from Ontario.

G : You have to design the best t-shirt ever, what’s on it ?

A : The background, is a castle. In front of the castle, you got an army of minotaurs, you know the half-men half-horses. Up in the sky, there’s an army of angels flying towards the minotaurs to fight. (Debates on minotaurs vs. centaurs) So then, in unreadable metal fonts you have the Alexisonfire name on top. And last, in the back, it would be written “Mo Money Mo Problems”.

G : Here’s my last question. I’ve read in one of your past interviews that you said it’s bad for a band to repeat itself musically. So can we look forward to some kind of evolution, musically speaking, on the next album ?

A : Absolutely, yeah ! The new one will definitely not sound like the first one nor like Watchout. It always goes with what kind of mood we’re in at the moment. When we write music we don’t have a predetermine plan. We just go with what pops up in our head.

G : Do you have a time plan for it ?

A : Probably in the fall, like start of fall season.

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