Interview // Bottom Line – May 1st 2005

MPP: As a start, why don’t you reveal how old is each member of the band ??

BL: two of us are 21, the other 2 are 20 years old.

MPP: Have you guys ever been in other bands before Bottom Line?

BL : For 3 of us, Bottom Line been our only band. We’ve been playing together since 8th grade when we were 14. Our last member, Cliff, has been in the band for the last year and half or two years. But Bottom Line, as a band, started around 1997 / 1998, we just never tried to get big and play outside of our town.

MPP: Now, I’m gonna quote your website. You say “You find your inspiration by being passionate.” Could you explain how this translate in a real life situation like when you’re writing songs.

BL: Lately we’ve been writing a lot of songs. We’re probably gonna record this summer. The CD is coming out May 31st and we’ll be going into studio right after. In songwriting you just like to find things that really truly inspire you and so being passionate is something that we hold high. I started, well attempted to start writing love songs, it’s just like you know, something about someone you really care for. That definitely inspired a lot of lyrics for the next album.

MPP: When you do your stuff, do you do each part (lyrics, riff, beats, etc.) on your own or is it a group thing ?

BL : “Eloquence” is awesome because every songs is completely different. It would come from a guitar part, or a drum part and then the rest of the song would just spill out. This album’s different. It was a really neat experience.

MPP: At what point have you or will you consider having succeeded as a band ?

BL : We just kind of sets mini goals along the way, I don’t really know if we have a big goal at the moment. One of our “small goals” was that I always wanted to sell out our local venue, the Bogarts, two nights in a row and we did it. Now our goal is mostly to tour and get a lot of fans. Our ultimate goal would be to be able to do music and live off of it. Not having to do part time jobs between different tours. Or like have or face on the big megatron TV in New York and rock out.

MPP: Are you more a band that will like to use a successful way of doing things that is less original and common or doing stuff the original and new way without garanteed success ?

BL : The latter for sure. It’s nice to be compared to other bands because we look up to a lot of other bands. And we draw inspirations from a lot of bands too, be it hardcore band or pop music. Its hard sometimes because you will be compared to other bands. Everytime we write a song its 100% us. We don’t listen to someone else and say “Hey it worked for them so let’s use it”. We strive to achieve a goal where people will hear us and say that’s Bottom Line and no one can do that.

MPP: What was the worst comparison your heard about your band, or the one you liked the less.

BL : I got told that I sounded exactly like the singer from New Found Glory. It’s not that he’s a bad singer, it’s just that I don’t think I sound like him at all. We just want to sound like Bottom Line. Yeah, its gonna be poppy: we don’t scream and do those other stuff.

MPP : Any last words of wisdom to finish off the interview?

BL : Give us a chance. You like it, you like it, you don’t, well you don’t. Keep your ears open, you’ll see what happen in the future.

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